How To Transport Soil Interlocking Bricks

2019.06.12 22:52

The transportation to the work is an important factor to consider, since a good packaging of the interlocking bricks in the vehicle is fundamental. So that there is not an excessive number of units broken in the route.


There are several methods, however we will illustrate the most used methods that have obtained the best results.

Loading Bricks with Forklift

Loading ecological bricks on the truck with a forklift is the fastest method used. A forklift provides a lot of safety and agility in the distribution of the load. However one must take into consideration the form of discharge, that if there is no presence of a Munk, should be done manually in a unitary manner.

Loading Bricks with Hoist

Hoist loading is another option for manufacturers who want to optimize loading and unloading time and do not have other mechanized ways to complete the job. This operation is not as fast as the use of a forklift, but is as efficient as the same, since the same hoist that does the loading, also does the unloading in the place of delivery.


Manual Upload

The manual loading requires a lot of agility from the employees who will carry out the operation. Since they must stack in an orderly way and can not leave the bricks in the wrong.